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Many years ago, Americans were served by small, privately owned businesses that provided excellent attention to detail and quality. Today, however, such businesses are rare due to the advent of large box stores and huge corporations.

A perfect example of this is Waste Management, the founder of which is Wayne Huizenga, who started his business with one garbage truck, from which he built the multi-BILLION dollar Waste Management via acquisitions of smaller waste companies, then landfills.This business philosophy gained momentum throughout industry, with companies becoming larger and larger, while the service to their customers has become poorer and poorer due to their employees’ lack of training and commitment to you, the end user.

And now, even the pest management business is becoming consolidated, with acquisitions abounding everywhere and the service provided becoming questionable in many cases.For that reason, my company, NEO Pest Control LLC will always remain local (NorthEastOhio) and my service will always remain personal and of the highest quality. I absolutely guarantee customer satisfaction and, not being always perfect, if another visit is soon necessary it will be at no charge.

We will always be a company of value!


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We offer personal service using the highest quality products at reasonable prices. We do not provide service for animals other than rodents, such as mice, rats, moles, voles, chipmunks and skunks. We provide service for all insects, the most prevalent in this area being spiders, stink bugs, ants and carpenter ants, mosquitoes, bees and carpenter bees, fleas, ticks and bed bugs.

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Rick Duhame

As owner of NEO Pest Control LLC, my life has taken many turns, some good, some not so. However, I can honestly say that this industry is both extremely interesting and satisfies both my entrepreneurial spirit and my service oriented personality.

I can say that my professional career began as a student in the U.S. Naval nuclear Power School where our studies went from basic mathematics through integral calculus within a period of three months. We also studied physics of several types including nuclear, and chemistry. My practical experience was on submarines, and traveled the world upon them, mostly underwater. In a simple phrase, living aboard a submarine is 99% boredom, 1% sheer terror. Preparation is the key.

After my six year naval obligation, I entered the commercial nuclear business, being assigned to several nuclear plants where I specialized as a special assignment troubleshooter for several years.

The corporate world, however, never satisfied my inner need to be an entrepreneur and provide people with a service from which I can actually see a result.

I started a few businesses in diverse industries, a couple of which were successful, but none of which provided the inner satisfaction that I desired. Having always told my children to find something they love to do, then do it, become good at it, and one day someone will want to pay you to do it, then you will never have to WORK a day in your life, I still sought that elusive place in my own life.

Quite accidentally, I have a friend who asked my help in his pest control business, so I said "Sure, why not". After a couple of years helping him, he desired to sell his business, so I bought it.

I am now certified in all forms of bug, beetle and insect pest control and am totally satisfied, both in my need for entrepreneurial independence and my need to help people that are in need of my services.



US Naval Nuclear Power School
Top of Class


• Bug, beetle, and insect
• Pest control
• Organic control