Evict Pests From Your Home or Office

Evict Pests From Your Home or Office

Schedule insect control services in Painesville & Mentor, OH

Do you have roaches in your kitchen? Are spiders covering your entryway with webs? You won't have to deal with pests for long when you choose NEO Pest Control, LLC for thorough insect control.

Upon visiting your home or business, we peruse the property in order to develop a strategy that will enable us to most easily handle the job. We then lay out the hose in a way that will not disturb your shrubbery or flowers. We spray the building completely, paying particular attention to areas where insects harbor. We also spray the shrubbery, overhanging tree branches and avoid flowers. Any outbuildings, outdoor furniture and play equipment are also sprayed. We know that the inside of the garage is important. So, if you are not at home during our application, we will return to finish inside the garage when we know you'll be there.

When you need complete pest control services, turn to NEO Pest Control. Get an estimate as soon as possible by calling 440-983-3270.

We can eliminate any infestation, regardless of size

Count on NEO Pest Control for first-rate pest solutions. We work hard to eliminate a variety of pests, including spiders, mosquitos, flies, roaches, ants and bed bugs. You'll appreciate our use of the highest quality of pesticides because:

  • Our pesticides are odorless 
  • It kills pests efficiently
  • Has a long residual effect 
  • Leaves no residue 
  • It can be sprayed on shrubs, outdoor play areas and furniture 

Schedule insect control services with NEO Pest Control today for a pest-free home in no time. We serve residents within a 25-mile radius of Painesville & Mentor, OH. We also offer organic products.